Automate your credit risk management
and maintain recovery agility

Arena Portal is a suite of modular services combining our in-depth knowledge of the credit value chain and market software packages. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and innovative architecture, our platform efficiently manages several functionalities through interconnected modules, allowing for smooth integration
and process optimization. Arena Portal guarantees an improved user experience and high-performance results.

Our Offers:

Management of the credit life cycle: From request to release

Monitoring process: Risk detection using the default basis.

This module powers the internal rating system based on clients defaults which will be used for Credit Instruction to evaluate borrowers

Classification of clients using doubtful and disputed debts

Amicable and judicial collection to ensure optimum repayment of customer debts

Functional coverage

Risk Management

Credit file instruction

Collateral file instruction

Release instruction files

Administration & configuration

Doubtful and Disputed Debts

Classification, provision and collaterals


Alert management

Administration & configuration

Amicable and Judicial
Collection Platform

Interfacing with banking information system

Clients consultation and contact

Letter management

Summation management

Judicial proceedings

Funding / Agreements

Classified assets

Litigation management

Legal proceedings (Business & Missions)

Dashboards: Control and monitoring

Administration & Configuration

Solution Highlights

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