Manage and automate
international transactions securely and in real time

Punic Trade is the result of specialist expertise in foreign banking services and international trade. Designed and developed with a modular and integrated architecture, the solution secures and funds international trade transactions by matching the needs of exporters and importers in real time. Punic Trade ensures the complete processing of import and export transactions, from opening to settlement, including the generation and receipt of any type of Swift linked to international trade activity. Thanks to secure and automated management of exchanges and transactions, the solution also allows relevant controls to be carried out to combat potentially unusual or suspicious activities.

Punic Trade offers a compliance control system through:

Transaction monitoring

Automated real-time filtering system (Information retrieved from the bank’s IS, SIRON, etc.)

Functional coverage


Domiciliation of securities

Credit Transfers issued

Credit Transfers received

Transfers issued

Delegated files

Transfers received

Counter-guarantee issued

Counter-guarantee received

Reporting & Statistics

SWIFT – Generation & Reception

Documentary import CREDIT

Documentary import remittance

Documentary export CREDIT

Documentary EXPORTremittance

Mobilization of cross-border claims

Business travel allowances

Value collection

Securities collection

Securities remitting upon collection

Solution Highlights

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