Securely outsource supplier payments

Tanit Suite enables clients to securely outsource suppliers settlements, whether they are principals, suppliers or banks. Thanks to the innovation of the solution, clients can benefit from simplified and efficient management of suppliers settlements, while optimizing their processes and achieving significant savings. The platform also reduces costs associated with administrative tasks related to purchase payments.

The Front to Back solution covers investment managers’ activities:



Batch integration

Funding confirmation

Management Pricing conditions


Functional Coverage

Optimizing clients/supplier relationships.

Simplified of cash management.

A Significant bargaining power with its suppliers

Retention of existing clients, principals and suppliers

Prospecting for non-customer suppliers

Increased earnings through commissions
and interest

Secure settlement

Immediate financing on attractive terms

Optimizing short-term cash management

Total coverage against the payment risks

Preservation of borrowing capacity, avoiding use to classic discount lines

Solution Highlights

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